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Find us on GitHub @ Beehive-lab 

Tornado is a practical heterogeneous programming framework for automatically accelerating Java programs on heterogeneous hardware.

Originally developed by Sun/Oracle Labs, we continue to improve and support it!

Checkout the latest developments, plans, publications, tutorials and instructions of how to use it on github.

We are open for collaborations and suggestions, so please feel free to join the project!


An overview of the current status of Maxine VM can be found here.

We combined the strengths of Maxine VM and ZSim to provide a state-of-the-art platform for hw/sw co-designed exploration of Managed Runtime Systems.

An overview of MaxSim along with explained use cases can be found here.

Real-time 3D space reconstruction via KFusion on GPUs with TornadoVM.

A real-time ray tracer in Java, accelerated on heterogeneous hardware using TornadoVM.

High-performance and modular quantum simulator in Java.

An overview of MR4J along with explained use cases can be found here.

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